Crash injures man, horse put down

03:31, Jun 08 2012
CASUALTY: The horse which was put down after a collision between two vehicles one towing a horse float on Rongotea Rd is removed from the scene.

A horse is dead and a man in hospital after a two-car collision south-west of Palmerston North.

A car towing a horse float was driving along Rongotea Rd when it collided with a ute near the intersection of Rongotea Rd and No1 Line.

This caused the horse float to disconnect from the vehicle, snapping the tow bar and two chains in the process, and roll into a ditch before stopping against a culvert which ran underneath a driveway.

The incident, which occurred at about 11.30am yesterday, resulted in the driver of the car without the horse float being taken to hospital.

The horse was put down because of the injuries it suffered in the accident.

Repeated attempts were made to get it on its feet and moving, but were unsuccessful.


The driver of the vehicle towing the float, who did not want to be named, was also the owner of the horse.

He said he was "angry and frustrated" about the incident. He said despite the rough ride, his horse was calm after the accident.

"It was conscious and just lying calmly in the float."

He said he thought the float hitting the culvert at speed would have done the damage to the animal.

The driver of the vehicle with the float said he was unharmed in the accident.

Manawatu Standard