Accused Macdonald denies knowing of shooting

23:18, Jun 15 2012

Ewen Macdonald told police he didn't know how Scott Guy was killed until the day after he died, despite claims he spoke to people at the crime scene about Mr Guy being shot.

In late July 2010, Macdonald was interviewed by police and the statement he made was read to the High Court in Wellington by Detective Graeme Parsons yesterday.

In the statement, Macdonald said he did not know how Mr Guy died until the next day. This contradicts Mr Guy's sister Nikki, who gave evidence about Macdonald arguing with the man who had found the body, David Berry, over the cause of death.

Mr Berry said Mr Guy had his throat slit and Macdonald corrected him, saying he was shot, Ms Guy said last week. But Macdonald's statement said he could not get close enough to Mr Guy to know what happened.

"The first time I knew for sure that the information about Scott's throat being cut was wrong was after Bryan [Guy] talked to police on Friday," he said. "I recall Bryan saying, `nah, I think he's been shot' ... I told him I had not got close enough to tell."

When Macdonald arrived at the crime scene, he got to within six or seven metres of Mr Guy's body.


"I could see obvious blood around Scott's head area. He looked limp and flat."

Macdonald told of a farming conference he attended with Mr Guy, and said the pair were "on the same page" about the farm.

Macdonald said he used a gun after Mr Guy's death shoot a sick cow, but before that had not touched firearms since May 2010.

On the day of the shooting, Macdonald said to his wife: "Shit, was it meant for me?"

Manawatu Standard