Cliffs project likely to receive consent

00:00, Jun 20 2012

Work to turn Palmerston North's Anzac Cliffs into a hill and shift the Manawatu River away from their base is likely to get resource consents without going to a public hearing.

The $3 million project by Horizons Regional Council is designed to stabilise the eroding cliffs and protect the city's stopbanks.

At the top of the cliffs, landowners PMB Landco plan to carve the edge off the cliffs to create a new slope, making it safe to develop building sections at Vaucluse Heights.

The applications for resource consents attracted 10 submissions opposing the changes.

However, most had been satisfied their concerns could be addressed through conditions applied to the consents.

One of the last objectors left standing, Carol Howard, initially said she was disappointed with the proposal.


"I am very much opposed to removing a dramatic, natural part of our landscape ... and replacing them with a boring, sloping green paddock."

But she had moderated her view after a pre-hearing meeting this week.

"The trouble with the cliffs being left to erode naturally (apart from the fact that they might fall on someone) is that they will naturally find their own level and then they will start to revegetate themselves and that might be a bit scrubby. So maybe a slightly lowered and recontoured cliff, planted in natives, would not be so bad.

"It's a pity to lose the cliffs, but they may lose themselves otherwise."

A hearing has been set down for July 30, but will not go ahead if agreements are reached with all of the submitters before then.

Manawatu Standard