Skating on thin ice

02:12, Jun 23 2012
Ice Skating Rink - Jono Naylor
HIT THE ICE: Palmerston North Mayor Jono Naylor tests his skating skills.

Palmerston North Mayor Jono Naylor was heard to call out "too easy'' as he tested out the ice ahead of the opening of the newly installed ice-skating rink at The Square.

The half-covered outdoor ice rink was brought to the city by Douglas Webber Events and Destination Manawatu for the school holidays and opens today at 9am.

The rink was put together during the past week and thousands are expected to give the ice a try over the next few weeks.

The rink measures 35 metres by 15 metres, which is about half the size of the area needed to play a game of ice hockey.

The process of putting it together starts with levelling a layer of fine dirt put, then a layer of polystyrene put on to, followed by a sheet of polyurethane.

Aluminium tubes are then positioned on top where cold fluid would run through the pipes. A chiller keeps the fluid at -12 degrees Celsius.

About 45,000 litres of water is poured over the pipes and it freezes into a solid hunk of ice.


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