Childcare worker is remorseful

 Lisa Nuku and her son Southern-Rome.
Lisa Nuku and her son Southern-Rome.

A Feilding childcare worker who hit a toddler’s pram at a pedestrian crossing has expressed remorse for her carelessness.

The two-year-old boy was thrown from his pram and had to have a finger amputated.

The incident happened on March 2, when Tania Nicole Bowater, 32, was driving along Kimbolton Rd in Feilding.

She was travelling at 50kmh but failed to see Lisa Nuku and her son Southern-Rome Nuku crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing.

Bowater struck the pram and Southern-Rome was thrown onto the road, badly damaging his left hand.

His ring finger needed removing and his little and index fingers were operated on.

Ms Nuku was not injured.

‘‘There’s some obstruction to the approaches to the pedestrian crossing that drivers would encounter,’’ Judge Les Atkins told the Feilding District Court today.

‘‘That may indicate why [Bowater’s] attention failed to be drawn to the child in the pram.’’

Earlier this year she admitted a charge of careless driving causing injury and the matter was remanded off for a restorative justice meeting.

But the boy’s family were not interested in meeting Bowater, defence lawyer Peter Coles said.

Ms Nuku has previously told the Manawatu Standard that she wanted an apology from Bowater, but had received nothing.

However, Bowater had written a letter which the police had not passed on, Mr Coles said.

‘‘[Bowater] had tried from the outset to express her remorse and her real regret. She says in her letter she’s a parent herself,’’ he said.

‘‘She’s not someone who is in any way lacking empathy to a parent.’’

Judge Atkins disqualified Bowater from driving for six months and ordered her pay $400 reparation.

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