Accused 'asked friend to hide bullets'

The woman accused of acting in a drug-related murder asked a friend to hide a gun magazine full of bullets on the day of the shooting.

Rachel Marie Parker, 38, then snatched the magazine back and said she would hide it herself.

Her friend, Keith Woolston, yesterday told the High Court in Palmerston North that a couple of days later he found bullets hidden in his clothing.

About 3.35pm on September 4, 2009, Jamie Faulkner was shot dead at a Heretaunga St flat Parker shared with her boyfriend, Jamie Mills, in Palmerston North.

Mills pulled the trigger and has been sentenced after admitting murdering Mr Faulkner.

Now Parker faces trial accused of acting with Mills to kill.

The Crown says she sent a text message to Mr Faulkner and told him to come around alone to discuss a $140 methamphetamine deal, but the defence says Parker denies any roll in the murder.

Mr Woolston told Justice Forrest Miller and a jury that Parker arrived at his Palmerston North flat about 4pm the day of the killing.

"When she first came to my place she was distraught. She was waffling on about [how] Jamie shot Jamie," Mr Woolston said.

"I thought she'd just had too much drugs or something."

Mr Woolston gave Parker a lift so she could pick up ritalin. The pair then bought a bottle of whisky and drank most of it while discussing drugs and rehab.

At some point Parker went to her bag and pulled out what Mr Woolston thought was her wallet.

But it was a gun magazine full of bullets and Parker asked Mr Woolston to hide it. "I grabbed it. Then she said, ‘No, I'll hide it'," he said.

After about 90 minutes of drinking, Parker went to the Terrace Tavern on Main St.

She later returned and was to stay the night, but was gone by the time Mr Woolston woke the next day.

On September 7, 2009, Mr Woolston was heading to the tavern when he found a bullet in his jeans.

"It was the same as the one that was in the magazine she handed me."

Mr Woolston threw it down a drain. Later that day he found another bullet in some of his other clothing.

Debra Paulson, a friend of Parker's, said the accused stayed with her for a couple of months in Pahiatua from mid-September 2009.

Ms Paulson told police early last year that Parker said to her: "I told him to shoot him", referring to Mills killing Mr Faulkner.

When questioned by defence lawyer Simon Hewson yesterday, Ms Paulson conceded Parker could have said: "They think I told him to shoot him" or "I didn't tell him to shoot him".

When Parker was in Pahiatua she was drinking, taking drugs and would often ramble incoherently, jumping from one subject to another and not finishing sentences, Ms Paulson said. "I would say she was unstable and out of control."

The trial continues next week.

Manawatu Standard