Yellow paint may solve parking woes

Parking hassles for residents living near Palmerston North Hospital could be eased by a tin of yellow paint.

People have complained about increased congestion in their streets since the hospital introduced paid parking on its grounds last February.

City council senior transportation engineer Glenn Connelly said the council's first line of assistance would be a yellow one.

No-stopping lines were likely to start appearing this week to ensure better clearance at driveways.

“The reason we're using no-stopping lines as opposed to white parking lines is because we want the area to retain a residential feel," he said.

"It makes the street look less like a parking lot."

The streets involved were Tyndall St, Rongopai St, Florence Ave and Stanley Ave.

Residents received letters about the work and their comments had been incorporated into the marking plan.

Mr Connelly said no-stopping lines should resolve problems where residents had had difficulty navigating into and out of their driveways because of parked cars.

It would have a limited effect on the overall number of parking spaces available.

It was also the least cumbersome approach.

The no-stopping lines approach would be closely monitored for the first month to see whether it resolved the problems.

If it was not successful, other treatments would be considered.

On the list of possibilities were white lines marking specific parking spaces, and time restrictions, either with or without resident exemptions.

Providing residents-only parking would be a last resort, Mr Connelly said. “These options will only be facilitated by council if there is substantial support from residents."

Manawatu Standard