This week's top five

19:00, Aug 17 2012
Surface flooding in Palmerston North
Surface flooding on Kettle Ave/Firth Place in Awapuni at 1.25pm today.
Surface flooding in Palmerston North
Surface flooding in Palmerston North.
Surface flooding in Palmerston North
Wikiriwhi Crescent in Awapuni, Palmerston North.
Surface flooding in Palmerston North
Wikiriwhi Crescent in Awapuni, Palmerston North, an hour later.
Surface flooding in Palmerston North
WATER-LOGGED STREET: A Nairn Crescent resident searches for the blocked culvert.
Surface flooding in Palmerston North
Nairn Crescent in Palmerston North after heavy rainfall.
Surface flooding in Palmerston North
A resident of Nairn Crescent greets her passing neighbours as she searches for the blocked culvert.

1. Woman killed by train in Dannevirke

A woman died after she was hit by a train near Dannevirke on Monday night. She was Barbara Jane Gawn, 52.

Police said Ms Gawn, who had recently moved to Dannevirke, was lying on the tracks when she was hit. Her death was not being treated as suspicious.

Boy racers
BURNING UP: Ryan Westwood, left, and his friends Nathan Carmichael, and Jessie Bak, wait around after being pulled over by the police. They say if they had a specialist burnout pad to go to, they would happily use it.
Boy racers
ON THE TURPS: Young people, most of them drinking, hang around their cars, hoping the police will leave them alone.
Boy racers
CLEARING OUT: Police wait at the end of a cul-de-sac, giving boy racers the message that they need to move on. Fresh skid marks are clearly visible to the right.
Boy racers
TANKING UP: The last of 60 cars pulls out of BP in Rangitikei St, Palmerston North. Boy racers often use the service station as a place to meet.
Boy racers
Despite the possibility of having their cars crushed, boy racers are still taking to Palmerston North streets.

Senior Sergeant Tony LeSueur said the death was being treated as a suspected suicide and had been referred to the coroner.

2. Downpour causes surface flooding

A sudden downpour at midday on Monday left some Palmerston North streets underwater. The rapid downfall also caused some businesses with the hectic task of trying to keep the water out. Not to fear though, the rain soon abated and all was well again.


Tesh gallagher
TESH GALLAGHER: A vivacious brunette with deep brown eyes and a cheeky smile.

3. Potentially deadly disease strikes region

On Tuesday, the Manawatu Standard reported three cases of meningococcal disease had been recorded in the MidCentral health region in the past three weeks. In Friday’s paper, we featured the story of 18-year-old Levin woman Letitia (Tesh) Gallagher, who died suddenly of meningitis last month. Her parents, Mark and Lisa Gallagher, warned young people about the potentially deadly impact of meningitis.

4. Visitors causing trouble for police

Boys and their toys, or more aptly, boys and their fast cars. Palmerston North police have reported a recent surge in boy-racers cruising in the city’s streets as hordes of them travel from as far as Wellington.

5. Burger King scouts location

Burger King is looking at opening a third store in Palmerston North, Hairo’s Hairdressing is set to expand and Wally Warners Bar and Bistro, at the Awapuni shopping centre in College St, is for sale.

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