Locks lopped to help mother with cancer

02:54, Aug 18 2012
GETTING THE CHOP: Palmerston North’s Nicole Doyle gets her blonde locks shaved to raise money for breast cancer.

A Palmerston North woman had her head shaved to raise money for a breast cancer sufferer she has never even met.

Northland mother of three Jaynie, 33, was diagnosed with breast cancer about 18 months ago.

To raise money for Jaynie's ongoing battle, Organic Living employee Nicole Doyle shed her strawberry-blonde locks at Terrace End Play Centre in Palmerston North yesterday.

The pair connected through a Facebook page for mothers, and Ms Doyle made contact after she began following Jaynie's blog about breastfeeding with cancer.

Ms Doyle, another woman in Taranaki and three South Island women all elected to have their heads shaved for Jaynie's cause yesterday. Another woman had been donating breast milk for Jaynie's youngest son while she underwent chemotherapy.

Ms Doyle's son William, 4, was given the task of carefully lopping off the first length of her hair before workmate Tania Lang shaved it bare. Her hair was the shortest it had ever been.

"It's a little bit surreal still," Ms Doyle said.

Her hair will be donated to be made into a wig for children suffering from conditions that have caused them to lose their hair.

So far she had raised almost $130 from sponsors. She said if anyone else wanted to donate money to Jaynie they could drop into her workplace, Organic Living, on Broadway Ave.


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