Pupils stir up happy memories for MP

03:32, Aug 28 2012
Grant Robertson
POLITICS MEETS VEGETABLES: Labour MP and tertiary education spokesman Grant Robertson rolls up his sleeves and puts his cooking skills to the test, with Shakaea Perkins and Andre Third at Terrace End School as part of the Plant to Plate Aotearoa programme.

A group of Palmerston North school children cooking apple crumble has brought back happy memories for an MP.

Labour deputy leader Grant Robertson visited Terrace End School yesterday to watch pupils from the city where he was born turn freshly plucked vegetables from the school garden into a healthy and tasty lunch.

He recalled the countless times his mother would yell at him to get mint from the garden. "Mother was a keen gardener. I did a lot of cooking at home when I was younger."

During his school days, he looked forward to manual, where he could improve on his cooking abilities.

He said although he could not cook to save his life then, it beat sewing and woodwork by a long shot.

As part of the Plant to Plate Aotearoa programme, children at the school have been dabbling with gardening, and have successfully grown an assortment of fruit and vegetables in the past few months.


Mr Robertson and Palmerston North MP Iain Lees-Galloway were invited to watch the cooking stage unfold yesterday.

Mr Robertson said he was also clearing the garden out the back of his house. The Plant to Plate Aotearoa programme began in 2009.

Palmerston North programme chairwoman Annette Nixon said the group had 20 volunteers.

Mr Lees-Galloway said it was great for the children to see the food-production process from start to finish. "The results will show when they understand what goes on the plate and appreciate how it got there," he said.

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