Three crashes on Saddle in two days

00:00, Aug 28 2012

Police have been called to three crashes on two consecutive days on the Saddle Rd, including a truck that slid off the road twice in the same morning.

Emergency services were called to one vehicle crash near the intersection of Cook and Saddle roads about 7.30am today.

A 4WD had overturned on its roof but there were no injuries.

A truck driver was left redfaced after driving off the Saddle Rd twice yesterday.

Commuters suffered massive delays yesterday morning after the driver twice got into trouble on the main alternative route around the closed Manawatu Gorge road.

The driver had the back wheels of his truck slide off the road and into a ditch about 5.50am.


Constable Mike Linton said the driver said a car had cut him off, causing him to veer off the road.

The road was closed at the bottom of each side of the road until the truck was towed out.

But shortly after the truck got back on the road, about 8.15am, the driver got stuck again just one kilometre down the road, Mr Linton said.

"Lucky for us, the towie was still up there. [The driver] obviously feels a bit of embarrassment, more than anything."

Mr Linton was not surprised by the incidents given the the gradient of the road.

The truck was removed about 9.30am, and the driver drove the rest of the way out.

No-one was hurt and no property was damaged. "There was just a few annoyed people a bit late for work."

Manawatu Standard