Passing poopertrator's dirty little secret exposed

Feilding residents Tony and Sue Lee were not expecting to find a stash of dog poo baggies in their hedge when it came ...

Feilding residents Tony and Sue Lee were not expecting to find a stash of dog poo baggies in their hedge when it came time for a trim.

A serial poopertrator's dirty little secret has been exposed in Feilding.

When Reid Line residents Tony and Sue Lee had their macrocarpa roadside hedge trimmed last Friday, they discovered a concentrated trove of plastic bags containing canine excrement.

"It's like cubby holes of poo, in that one particular spot," Sue said, recalling the moment when they realised their hedge had been the recipient of covert deliveries for what appears to be quite some time.

"Tony came and got me, he said, 'here, look at this'."

The couple, both aged in their 70s, were baffled. It became clear they had a mystery poo-stasher.

"It must be the same person because it's all in the same place."

"It is disrespectful," she said, believing the mystery owner in question should not be passing their inconveniences to others.

The hedge contained at least 10 tied-up plastic bags of poo.

"They've stuffed them in there quite deep, it's a shame they didn't put their hand in [a few inches over] they would have got a fist full of this prickly thing," Sue said, showing a spiked weed growing within the well-established hedge line.

"They obviously can't be bothered taking it away with them."

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Packed fairly tightly, the pre-bagged droppings may prove hard to remove.

"I guess now we'll have to try to rake it all out and get rid of it ourselves," Sue said.

The hedge fund was certainly a stink surprise, but the pair had become used to retrieving a range of waste from their property's grass verge.

"We get a lot of takeaway food stuff thrown out car windows, we'll pick that up no problem, but this...this is a bit different," Sue said.

She believes passers-by, both on foot or in vehicle, turn out of Norfolk Cres, fly around the corner and chuck unwanted items out the window.

Sue said she also often witnesses several people letting their dogs run-free on the grass verge. With that freedom often came the call of nature.

"But at least it's out in the open...we pick that up too."

While the Lee's did not particularly want to see a man about a dog, Sue said they may have to.

"I feel like putting up surveillance and catching them in the act."  

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