Student volunteers prove they're tidy Kiwis

17:36, Sep 24 2012
Massey Uni
TAKING OUT THE TRASH: Massey University students from the Halls of Residence clean up on Saturday in parts of Palmerston North well-populated with students.

While students may be rubbished by some people for their behaviour, a group has taken to Palmerston North streets in an effort to clean up.

About 60 students from Massey University's Halls of Residence converged on Ada, Morris, Ranfurly and Rolleston streets on Saturday armed with gloves, trailers and rubbish bags.

Part of the university's kindness campaign, the students picked up rubbish off the streets and went door-knocking to take trash from houses.

Massey assistant community manager Koli Sewabu said it was about serving and engaging with the wider community.

"It's extending what we do on the university campus by trying to bring it off campus."

Volunteers came from all 17 halls.


Mr Sewabu said getting the halls' students to knock on the doors of flats gave them a chance to interact with off-campus students.

"We have seen that when [students] leave campus, they disengage from it.

"We're trying to build that sense of university community."

The students ended up gathering several trailer-loads of rubbish, with most of it being cardboard boxes and empty bottles from flats.

Mr Sewabu said students copped a lot of flak from the public for the actions of a few, but they were generally decent people.

"It's great to raise the profile of them, and also to get the students to appreciate the environment where they live."

There was also an incentive for the students to do well as the rubbish collection was built into a halls' points system.

The hall that won the most points over the year would collect an award, and would be shouted a meal at a restaurant in town, Mr Sewabu said.

The rubbish collection was first held last year, but had now become an annual event.

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