Valerie Adams shares golden win

04:15, Oct 10 2012
MEET AND GREET: Olympic gold medalist Valerie Adams meets the public in Palmerston North.

That most remarkable of gold medals, which Olympic shot put champion Valerie Adams declares is for everyone to share, was touched by hundreds of school holiday fans at Manawatu Toyota in Palmerston North this afternoon.

"I like her because she won the gold medal for us and she is really strong," said eight-year-old Samuel Martin, who queued along with more than 400 others for a signature and a photo.

Manawatu Toyota chief executive Debbie Hart spent most of the two-hour visit at the barbecue providing free lunch for the crowds.

"It's great to get her in here to meet some people. It's great because it's the holidays.

"Most people coming in are just really proud of her."

Marissa Farrell brought in a clutch of children to see the sports hero, who was awarded the gold medal after Belarusian shot putter Nadzeya Ostapchuk was disqualified for doping.

"I told her I was proud of silver, and more proud of gold," she said.

"I thought of a lot of other things to say to her, but once you get up there, it goes out of your mind."

Adams said the Palmerston North welcome was overwhelming.

"It's been great to visit, and meet my new partners, and enjoy it."


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