Boy shoots plastic gun at car

19:30, Oct 12 2012
spot lowe
ALARMING: Sergeant Spot Lowe with the confiscated toy gun taken from a teenage boy who used it to shoot at the window of Chris Worboys’ car.

A Palmerston North man was in his car on the Church St corner of The Square when he saw a teenage boy pull a handgun from his pocket.

The next thing Chris Worboys heard was a "ping ping" noise in the area of his back window, as plastic pellets sprayed the car. Mr Worboys called the police and followed the progress of the boy and the group he was with as they made their way through The Square about midday yesterday.

He thought he saw a second youth holding a gun among a group of about seven back on the corner.

But only one weapon was found by police when they caught up with part of the group on the Rangitikei St side of The Square.

No damage was done to Mr Worboys' car, which was already sporting a patched-up rear passenger window.

The toy gun was found on a 13- year-old boy who has been referred to police youth aid.


He was also asked to apologise to Mr Worboys.

Mr Lowe said it was a "classic case" of a 13-year-old boy buying a toy gun from a $2 shop without any respect for what they might do with it.

He said it was irresponsible, and police would be speaking with the shop that sold it to him.

The black plastic handgun shoots plastic pellets that are loaded in cartridges.

Manawatu Standard