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22:20, Oct 14 2012
Beer festival
Beer goggles: Basia McIntosh gives Paul Kirkby some 3D glasses to try and read the 3D label on his beer.

It wasn't beer beer goggles, but 3-D glasses that were causing some funny looks at a beer festival in Palmerston North at the weekend.

The inaugural Oktoberfest was held in the city on Saturday in the Regent Arcade.

Craft breweries from around the country were on hand to serve their products, including Tuatara Brewery, which offered a beer with a 3-D label.

Trying to make sense of it all was Paul Kirkby, pictured, with Basia McIntosh watches from behind the bar.

The event was held from noon until the small hours, with live music from a diverse range of acts including TOM and Ukephoria.


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