Fleeing driver hits 180kmh

As he smashed the speed limit in Rongotea Rd, an Ashhurst man attracted the attention of police.

At 5.50pm on September 23, Jason Hampton, 23, was seen driving his Honda Prelude at 133kmh in a 100kmh zone, Feilding District Court heard yesterday.

An unmarked police car sounded its siren and flashed its lights, but Hampton didn’t stop.

‘‘The defendant accelerated to approximately 180kmh towards Rongotea,’’ police prosecutor Sergeant Murray Lyons said.

‘‘[He] drove at speed in and around the township.’’

Hampton again reached 180kmh as he headed back towards Palmerston North, continuing to drive recklessly along rural roads until he reached State Highway 1.

Police abandoned the chase as it became too dangerous and Hampton was overtaking motorists on double yellow lines.

Finally, Hampton’s tyres were deflated by road spikes, but he continued to drive as they were losing air.

When he stopped, a police search found 1.75 grams of cannabis on him.

‘‘He stated he didn’t want to stop because he would get into trouble for the cannabis,’’ Mr Lyons said.

Hampton also told police that he bought the car for $1000 the week before, but couldn’t remember who sold it to him.

He admitted charges of reckless operation of a motor vehicle, failing to stop for police, breaching the conditions of his learner’s licence and possessing cannabis.

Judge Gerard Lynch remanded Hampton on bail until sentencing next month.

Manawatu Standard