Camp's new lease of life 'good for Marton'

The unused land at Marton's old motor camp has been snatched up by the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association for a tidy price.

The association bought just under an acre, 3439 square metres of land, from the Rangitikei District Council for $200,000 last month.

General manager Bruce Lochore said the site, which has been vacant for years, was strategically bought and settled for a "fair price".

"It fits into what our members want, and they're happy about being in Marton."

The association has moved quickly to develop the site for it to be ready for Christmas.

It has removed unoccupied cottages and sheds, laid gravel, closed off surplus entrance ways and built 100m of fencing.

Parks belonging to the association are often used for member rallies, where between 10 and 80 vehicles will descend on a location.

This provided benefits for host towns, Mr Lochore said.

"When our members move around, they move around in quite considerable numbers and contribute to the local economy when they come.

"It'll be a good thing for Marton businesses and the community there too."

Manawatu Standard