Changes afoot at Sport Manawatu

17:21, Nov 01 2012

Changes are happening at Sport Manawatu, with a restructure of staff roles, but it is not because of depleting finances, says its chief executive.

Mike Daisley said Sport Manawatu wanted to ‘‘raise its game’’ and the changes had nothing to do with saving money.

‘‘We’re coming from a good place and restructuring is going to make us stronger.’’

He said there were no job losses, but some jobs had changed and most of the changes had been at the leadership end of the organisation. One aim was to have staff more engaged in the community.

Mr Daisley conceded there had been a little stress around the process in the office, but he said people had looked at the bigger picture and he hoped it had not been too worrisome for them.

He said the change in structure was about having to work smarter with the organisations Sport Manawatu was involved with.

‘‘We want to do more in the community and we have programmes that are doing well and we want to do more of it.’’

He said there was less public funding available, so it was essential that the money was well spent and the public had the right programmes available to it.

Now that the internal changes had been finalised, it was time to advertise externally for other positions, Mr Daisley said, and he hoped to have a full team in place under the new structure before the end of the year.

‘‘The New Year is a busy time of year for us and we want to have as many of our new people on board, ready to go.’’

He said he had been impressed with the feedback from staff about how they had coped with the restructure.


Manawatu Standard