Sport body says two jobs lost

19:30, Nov 02 2012

Sport Manawatu has confirmed two people have been made redundant during recent organisational restructuring, despite initially saying no-one had lost their job.

Chief executive Mike Daisley said Sport Manawatu's restructure would see job roles reshuffled in order to improve the organisation's services.

In Friday's Manawatu Standard, Mr Daisley said there would be no job losses, but some job roles had changed.

But Mr Daisley clarified his comments yesterday, saying that because of the restructure two people have lost their jobs.

The organisation still supports 26 job positions - the same number as before the restructure - but roles have been redefined, he said.

He insisted no staff had been demoted. "I will not entertain any discussion of that."


Three new higher level positions have been created, with the responsibility of engaging at a leadership level with stakeholders and partners.

In addition, two other positions have been created that were unrelated to previous roles.

Underpinning the new roles is the "disestablishment" of five other positions, Mr Daisley said.

Employees who had their roles disestablished were encouraged to apply for the new positions.

"People can make judgements about whether those roles were promotions, or demotions, but that's not how the mechanics of a restructure works."

The restructuring is about "regearing the organisation's business", Mr Daisley said.

"It's not driven by lack of resources, it's not driven by work we were doing in the community that wasn't working or wasn't effective. It's genuinely about raising our game from a very strong place to a stronger place."

He apologised for any "misinterpretations, miscommunications or misunderstandings" from his initial public comments, saying it was an area he has to "tread very carefully due to the delicate nature".

"We're trying to keep things as simple as possible, because there are real people involved."

Manawatu Standard