Pole hit, dog OK

03:47, Nov 05 2012

A lucky Palmerston North pooch has avoided death, but caused more than $10,000 in damage when a driver who swerved to avoid its night-time jaunt ploughed into a power pole.

The driver crashed on Rangitikei Line about 11pm on Friday.

The woman, who witnesses say was the sole occupant of the car, is understood to be unhurt and the dog she hit was tended to by vets.

However, the power pole did not fare so well - requiring replacement to the tune of $10,000, said Palmerston North police.

Constable James Bennett said the foundations of the pole were damaged.

"It doesn't look like much damage, but it would have totalled the car," he said.


Contractors spent three hours on Saturday morning erecting a new power pole, with police detouring the state highway traffic around the damaged area.

On Saturday morning, the damaged fence and pieces of the car's blue bumper were the last remaining signs of the dog's and driver's lucky escape that police said could have been a much more serious situation.

Rangitikei Line resident Andrew Pocock was asleep on the other side of the fence when he was woken.

"There was just this big ‘bang' of metal meeting concrete," he said. "I ran out to see if everything was all right."

Mr Pocock found the car tipped on its side, its sole occupant still sitting shocked in the vehicle. "She was very shaken, but obviously all right."

Mr Pocock could see that no power lines were touching the car, so helped her out of the wreck.

Neighbours who came out to help took the dog to the vet, he said.

Palmerston North's Terrace End Veterinary Clinic staff confirmed the dog was alive and being treated there.

Manawatu Standard