Liquor store bid opposed by ex-mayor

A former Palmerston North mayor has waded into the debate over the proposed location of a Highbury bottle store, joining residents opposing its request for a liquor licence.

Heather Tanguay, mayor from 2004 until 2007, said she supported Palmerston North city councillor Billy Meehan's opposition to a Big Barrel Liquor Store planned for the corner of Tremaine Ave and Botanical Rd.

"Another liquor store would be detrimental to the community," Mrs Tanguay said. "This is a chance for the community to stand together and say enough is enough."

I S Dhillon and Sons had applied to the district licensing agency for a new off-licence to set up a Big Barrel on the site of a former service station.

Some Botanical Rd residents were upset at the prospect of a liquor store, saying they had signed agreements for an office space to occupy the site.

The group seeking the liquor licence has outlets in Tremaine Ave, Princess St, Summerhill and in Feilding.

The window for submissions on the liquor licence application closes later today and the former mayor urged Palmerston North residents to have their say. "There is no need for yet another store selling alcohol to be placed in the community," she said. "There are already outlets on each side of this proposed Big Barrel store. What will eventuate is a cut-price war which will lead to more and more purchases of cheap liquor bringing more and more social problems to that area of the city."

Mrs Tanguay said she continued to be annoyed by alcohol promotions.

"When I was mayor I was very, very concerned about the advertising of cheap alcohol and I endeavoured to try and stop it. I hated the signs for "alco-pops" put out down alleyways, near UCOL and the bus stop." Big Barrel co-owner Baldeep Dhillon has said he was concerned about opposition to the store. An anonymous flier has been distributed calling for people to sign a petition against the store.

Manawatu Standard