Kind reward follows dog attack

A Palmerston North animal control officer was rewarded with flowers this week after he rounded up a vicious dog that bit a paper delivery girl.

The girl, who did not want to be named, was delivering fliers on the corner of Ward and Grey streets on Saturday when she was attacked by a labrador staffordshire cross.

The girl’s grandmother, Trish Watts, said the dog took one bite out of her granddaughter but it could have been a lot worse if she hadn’t had a pushchair full of fliers to protect her.

‘‘The dog kept trying to get at her but she managed to keep it away with the pushchair and a lady came and helped her, which was fantastic, otherwise it could have been a lot worse, I think.’’

City council environmental protection officer Jim Neill received a floral tribute from Mrs Watts this week after he kept the family informed on when the dog was picked up and what was going to happen to it.

‘‘We phoned the council and the ranger Jim was fantastic. He was on the case immediately and then called us back to let us know he had found the dog and impounded it,’’ Mrs Watts said.

‘‘I felt he had done such a service I wanted to say thank you properly. I thought flowers were a good way to do that.’’

Environmental protection services head Wayne Jameson said his officers occasionally got letters thanking them for their help but he couldn’t remember anyone getting flowers before.

‘‘That’s one out of the box, but it’s really nice that someone has gone as far as that.’’

Mrs Watts said her granddaughter was embarrassed by the incident.

She said the council told her the dog attacked a man about half an hour later, and he had also phoned the council to complain.Mr Jameson said the dog would be destroyed.

Manawatu Standard