Billboards help spread mo-city message

23:00, Nov 06 2012
MO-VING: Movember man Tommo James with the newly mounted PalMOston North billboards backed by Destination Manawatu. It’s all for men’s health month.

A man armed with a moustache and a musing to rename Palmerston North has convinced Destination Manawatu to back three mo-inspired billboards.

Mo-ambassador Tommo James had a dream to christen the city PalMOston North in honour of men's health month, Movember.

This came to fruition yesterday, when three billboards cropped up at various city entranceways in Main St, Rangitikei Line and Pioneer Highway, pronouncing PalMOston North the moustache capital of New Zealand.

Mr James said he was delighted to see the display and thought it a great thing for the city.

Destination Manawatu donated the space for the billboard and sorted out "mates-rates prices" for Mr James at a signmaker.

"They jacked it up, so it's been awesome and they've given me a lot of encouragement and support too."


But he hopes the support doesn't stop there, and he encouraged mo-bros and mo-sisters to join in the fundraising fun.

Although Mr James' top lip is recovering from a shaving-off at the start of the month, his Movember effort was right on track, he said.

"I normally go for a little rugged, stubble-mess at this stage."

The strategic grooming comes around day 10, when Mr James' facial hair will be fashioned into a themed moustache.

"It's like starting with a marble block and chiselling it away bit by bit . . . it's like poetry for something that just scratches you."

He's got a top-secret, top-lip idea for this year's Man of Movember competition, which will be revealed later in the month.

"No-one's done it before," he said.

Anyone wanting to donate, register a moustache, or join a team can go to

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