Truckie drives off, leaving dog to die

The owners of a puppy run over by a truck driver are devastated the driver drove off without acknowledging his actions.

Cleo, a 7-month-old short-haired german shepherd, was hit and killed by a white big-rig on Tremaine Ave, in Palmerston North, about 6.30am on Tuesday.

Her owners, Rebekkah Murdie, 18, and Levi Paurini, 19, are appealing for the driver to own up.

"He hasn't even acknowledged he's hit her," Miss Murdie said.

"I would love him to come forward and make some kind of contact or apology, just say what's happened, because it would help us.

"As soon as he's taken off, it doesn't leave us with much."

Mr Paurini collected Cleo's body from the centre-line and the couple comforted her until she died.

"She had really gorgeous smiley eyes and the look in her eyes [after being hit by the truck] was pure pain.

"It was hell, because there was nothing we could do for her except hold her," Miss Murdie said.

After the impact, the truck driver stopped about a hundred metres up the road and hopped out of the driver's cabin. Mr Paurini called out for help, but the driver got back into his truck, and drove off.

The couple were appalled.

"He's probably in shock as well, but he's a coward really, I hope it haunts him," Miss Murdie said.

"I'm angry it was my dog that got killed," Miss Murdie said.

"But I want to highlight the fact that truckies are speeding up and down here . . . I just want people to realise what's happening, because there are so many kids in this neighbourhood."

Manawatu Standard