Cushions, greens adorn George St

19:00, Nov 09 2012
 James Pettingill
Sprouting out: James Pettingill with the planter boxes outside his cafe.

Random acts of kindness are catching on along Palmerston North's George St.

A phantom cushion maker has just dropped off a second batch of cushions for Moxies cafe's outdoor chairs.

And across the road, the planter box gardens outside Tomato cafe are providing garnishes for whoever wants them.

The cushions were apparently dropped off by a woman driving a purple car.

"The customers have seen her, but we haven't," said waitress Danni Hullett.

"We really like them, and we've had compliments from customers."


The staff are delighted with the "good karma", and have offered a free breakfast for their benefactor if she wants to make herself known.

Across the street, the colourful planter boxes set up in what used to be carparks as part of a prizewinning placemaking initiative are producing well.

They contain rhubarb, strawberries, lettuce, mint and other herbs.

Owner James Pettengill said he was not using the produce as he had his own kitchen garden, and was happy for people to pick what they needed.

Mr India owner Kirti Acharya pops over to snip a few mint leaves.

"It's great for tea. Just two or three mint leaves in boiling tea makes a beautiful flavour."

Mr Pettengill said brightening up the Main St end of George St had attracted more people into the outdoor areas.

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