Judges throw out the best from talent show

Outrage. This show lost its cred last night when Prestige Dance Crew was turfed off, thanks to two of the judging wombles.

Obviously, the aim is to get rid of the best talent every week.

What is it with these panels? On Friday night it was Aaron Smith who dipped out in Manawatu.

Now one of the potential winners has been shown the stage door.

The texting masses had brought Prestige back, as was only right. They had finished 10th at the world hip-hop champion- ships, were a great act and so professional last week.

But when it came to the crunch, the two male cheerleaders, sorry judges, plumped for two juggling brothers, Zane and Degge. Even dizzy Rachel Hunter could see Prestige was prestigious.

Zane and Degge had got too clever last week and it was stupid because we couldn't see them.

Yet they returned ahead of Taranaki singer Kale Simpson - audition for X-Factor next year Kale because this TV One lot are bonkers. Which spells bad tidings for my two best from last night, Invercargill singer Jack Fraser and 39-year-old one-woman band, Mihirangi Fleming.

Jason Kerrison had the effrontery to label Fraser's rendition of Sway, you know, "When marimba rhythms start to play . . .", Michael Buble's version, as cheesy.

Kerrison spends too much of the show applauding with eyes closed. So I closed my eyes wide shut and Jack could have been any polished, slick international artist who hit every darned note.

Silly Rachel screwed up her powdered nostril too. Jack could have played it safe as a tenor, but he showed his versatility - Rachel!

It is not clear what Mihirangi does. It seemed to be a medley of civil rings lyrics while toe-tapping on some sort of disco instrument at her feet with her head bent. She is a music teacher, so she must know what she's doing. It is weird but it sounds good.

Twelve-year-old Fletcher Oxford must have been named after a vintage car. The kid guitarist risked singing a song he said he had written, and he pulled it off with his wonderful voice.

He still hasn't got over losing his runaway cat even if we spotted, on the Tauranga farm, cats galore, a horse and a Cessna in the garage. Why does the kid need $100,000?

The Allstar Cheerleaders (acrobats), with way too much acrylic daubed on their faces, were clever but too stop-start. And how did two salsa dancers who claimed to be No 2 in the world get on a show designed for untapped talent? Au revoir both ways.

Oh, and the panel can go next week too.

Manawatu Standard