Roof remedy plan to be revealed

23:00, Nov 12 2012

A Dannevirke school with a dangerous roof is set to get news this week about plans for improvements.

More than 160 Dannevirke South School students were forced out of classrooms in September because of safety concerns with the roof in Block A.

Last week, the board of trustees and Education Ministry officials met to discuss solutions.

School principal Stephen Snell was tight-lipped about what was discussed and said he would divulge more later this week.

"I can't go into any details because there are a few things that need to be sorted out."

Mr Snell did say it was good news.


The school, which is waiting on funding for repairs to be approved by the ministry, has been working with ministry officials and building project managers to finalise the repair of Block A.

The block - home to seven classrooms, a library, teacher resourcing area and an administration area - was closed after being deemed unsafe by engineers.

They discovered the roof was missing important steel rods.

Children and staff who use the area were moved out, with some being shifted to Totara College, a high school 3km down the road.

The engineers' report, which was released during the last school term, included recommendations about the nature of the work that needed to be carried out.

According to the school's website, the report has subsequently been peer-reviewed by other engineers and further issues have now been raised.

Education Ministry policy manager Jerome Sheppard said the ministry's property representatives were maintaining close communication with the school.

"They gave an update on peer review, agreed the approach to the remediation of the building and continue to work towards the school being able to reoccupy Block A by beginning of term," Mr Sheppard said.

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