Man threatens grandmother with metal pipe

A man was so sure he heard his missing motorbike being started at Harley Peter Iti's place that the he and his grandmother went round to demand the return of their vehicle.

But Iti didn't appreciate the visit and threatened the man with a metal pipe as the scared grandmother fled the scene.

Earlier this year the victim's motorbike was stolen and he thought he heard it being started at Iti's Feilding house on February 12.

''He came to get his bike back, with his grandmother,'' Judge David Smith said in Palmerston North District Court today.

''You responded by arming yourself with a metal pipe. [The victim's] grandmother ran away screaming. She was certainly frightened by your behaviour,'' the judge told Iti, 24.

Iti took a swing with the pipe, which the victim dodged.

''He was terrified by your actions.''

Iti then chased him down the road.

Crown prosecutor Andrea Read acknowledged the offending was at the lower end of the scale, but said it could have been lethal.

Defence lawyer Jock Turnbull said his client missed the birth of the first child he has with his current partner when he was in prison and would now miss the birth of the second.

On two charges of assault with a weapon Iti was jailed for 10 months and two weeks.

The sentence will begin in December when his present period of detention on other matters ends.

Manawatu Standard