Suspect fires hit suburb

22:06, Nov 15 2012

Police are investigating a spate of fires in Highbury that appeared to have been deliberately lit early today.

Palmerston North Fire Service got the first call about 3.30am when a van caught fire in Highbury Ave, acting Senior Station Officer Royce Tatham said.

Fire had taken hold from the outside of the van after it appeared to have been set alight from under the front right-hand corner.

The front of the van was a write-off, he said.

About half an hour later, they were called to another fire further down the street, this time in a recycling bin.

A few minutes later, another call came in from Stillwater Pl, where a fire had been started in a garden shed.


Two PVC jackets had been set alight.

Mr Tatham said the resident of the property had heard the gate or the squeaking of bicycle brakes and saw two people cycling down the road, having stolen the bikes from the shed.

He then noticed the glow from the shed and was able to stop the fire from spreading.

Senior Sergeant Phil Ward said police were investigating.

Manawatu Standard