White Ribbon Day bikers tour country

23:00, Nov 18 2012

Motorcyclists on a tour of the country for White Ribbon Day will make a special visit to the former school of the children of fallen comrade Corporal Douglas Grant when they ride into Palmerston North tomorrow.

Corporal Grant, who was killed in Afghanistan last year, was a member of the New Zealand armed forces motorcycle club called the Patriots, and rode with them in their campaign against violence toward women.

The Patriots are on a nine-day tour of the country in support of the Families Commission's White Ribbon project, which encourages men to take action against unacceptable levels of violence toward women.

They are expected to arrive in Palmerston North at 12.15pm and will visit St James Catholic School to talk to the students about healthy relationships and to remember and honour their fallen friend and fellow rider.

Aaron Morrison of the Patriots said riders couldn't wait to hit the road.

This year the riders will include messages about non-physical violence.

Families Commission White Ribbon campaign manager Rob McCann said they had been talking about physical violence for a few years, and felt most men understood how wrong it was to use their fists.

Less well understood were the effects of non-physical violence, he said. "Non-physical violence can leave scars which no-one can see, and that affect your whole personality. It's hard to comprehend that violence can have that effect, but women will tell you, bruises and bones can heal while the effects of fear can last a lifetime."


Manawatu Standard