Herbal high overpowers teen

21:03, Nov 22 2012
LEGAL LOW: Police carry out a teen by stretcher after he fell unconscious.

A Palmerston North teenager taking a hit of a legal high next to the Manawatu River had to be carried out of the area by stretcher after he fell unconscious.

The 18-year-old man and a friend were next to the river off Waitoetoe Park smoking synthetic marijuana when he lost consciousness yesterday afternoon.

Constable Manny Dreliozis said the teen had been there for some time before his friend became concerned enough to call emergency services about 2.30pm. He regained consciousness after police and ambulance staff arrived, but was unable to walk back to the carparking area off Maxwell's line. Instead, he was carried out by police.

Mr Dreliozis said ambulance staff told him the combined effects of the hot sun and dehydration could have killed him had he been left unconscious for another hour or so.

What had happened to the boy was a warning to others of the harmful effects of "herbal" highs, he said.

He would visit the shop that sold the teen the drug, but there was little that could be done because it was a legal substance, he said.


Manawatu Standard