Zippy golden streak 'run off its wheels'

02:27, Nov 23 2012
FLY TIME: The yellow aircraft spotted flying above Feilding is Manawatu Districts Aero Club's new set of wings.

The little yellow aircraft you may have spotted flying high above Feilding is the Manawatu Districts Aero Club's new set of wings.

The club bought the second-hand microlight aircraft through TradeMe for $100,000 earlier this year, and as the sunshine hours increase the zippy golden streak in the sky is seen more often.

The all-aluminum 2006 Tecnam Sierra was bought from a couple in Thames, flown down in October and is the club's only aircraft.

MDAC flying director David Cameron said that since its arrival the tecnam had been run off its wheels with airborne adventures.

It was not your typical "rag and stick" type of aircraft, he said. It was built for smooth flying and comfort.

As the summer months set in, Mr Cameron hoped people would have a whirl in the microlight or be brave enough to try a flying lesson.


"It's a phenomenal experience flying and all those misconceptions that it's dangerous, difficult or expensive are not true.

"As soon as you're up in the air, it's addictive," he said.

The club, which moved from the Palmerston North International Airport to the Feilding Taonui Aerodrome last year, paid for the microlight with leftover money from the site's sale and with the club's savings.

MDAC chief instructor Neil Jepsen said the new purchase represents the leaps and bounds the club had taken in the past few years.

"We had to start again when we moved here, so it shows we've really bounced back. It's a big step forward to a new future."

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