Foxton after guardians for its beach

23:06, Nov 23 2012
foxton cops
READY FOR ACTION: Senior Constable Terry Hansen leads the Foxton Beach beach wardens and is looking for more helpers over the summer. Photo: MURRAY WILSON/FAIRFAX NZ

Foxton Beach needs more guardians to walk the sands and make sure it's a fun and friendly place to be over summer.

Beach wardens have patrolled the beach since 2005, said warden co-ordinator Senior Constable Terry Hansen.

But more people are needed to put up their hand to keep the beach safe and another six wardens would be helpful.

He said as summer loomed the beach population was expected to swell, and the wardens were the eyes and ears of the district council.

"They keep an eye out for what is going on and to ensure people are not using vehicles inappropriately or dogs are not running free on the beach."

He said people also used the wardens for information ask- ing them about tides and facili- ties.


Since the Foxton beach wardens began patrols, the number of hoons racing up and down the beach on their motorbikes and buggies had dropped.

"People appreciate them and they are well received 99 per cent of the time. It's good public relations."

Mr Hansen said motocross bikes were often frowned upon due to the loud noise they make when travelling at the beach speed limit of 30kmh and he encouraged riders to look at alternative places.

"There are tracks locally that people can use to ride their bikes."

Mr Hansen said anyone who was interested needed to have at least a couple of hours a week to dedicate to the volunteer job and preferably have a mode of transport that is suitable for the beach.

They also need to pass a police check.

Most wardens are older members of the community but there is no reason why younger people shouldn't put their hands up, he said. Anyone interested should call warden secretary Bev Huston on (06) 363 7545.

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