Dance crew impresses on NZGT

23:00, Nov 25 2012


For sheer professionalism, it was a quartet of Maori class clowns for me.

Out of 12 finalists in the two-hour supposed grand final, J Geeks nailed it.

But we must wait until next Sunday to see if the masses can muster up enough texts to see off a host of  brats too young to win a copper Corolla.

J Geeks were worthy of a Michael Jackson stage show with their weird paint jobs, their mix of te reo, electro pop and guitar smashing.

They had to have professional help with the special effects, Jermaine Leef prancing about as a glowing weta or taniwha.


And yet just two weeks ago, hip-hoppers Prestige Dance Crew, were ejected when they were every bit as hot as J Geeks.

But then way too much talent was purged and duds like jugglers Zane and Degge and 91-year-old Olivia Turner survived.

Zane and Degge were a train wreck. Zane toppled off his unicycle last night.

And sorry Olivia, but Vera Lynn’s We’ll Meet Again sung in D flat was a song from the ark.

Dozy Rachel Hunter said ‘‘it was absolutely fantastic’’ when she should have said, ‘‘you’ve run your race, O’’.

The sole adult singer to press his case was the Auckland lad with the comb-over, Evan Sinton. He gives songs his funny alternative treatment so that he sounds like a sad Fokker F27 taxiing.

But it works, even his rehash of Sonny Bono’s Bang Bang.

Notice how dippy Rachel never leads off with the judging. So when Jason Kerrison unfairly found fault with the boy with the velvet voice, Logan Walker, Rachel jumped on him too.

Walker missed a few low notes with his version of Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe but listen Jason, this kid is better than you!Big Dane Moeke has a very feminine sound, so Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You should have been up his alley. But no.

Much was about song choice last night. Manawatu’s own SBW, Tawaroa Kawana, gave When A Man Loves a Woman a good attempt and did better than Jason and his echo, Rachel, gave him credit for.

So that leaves the kiddies who mostly claim they write their own stuff. Do they?

They are led by bright 14-year-old folkster Clara van Wel who was faultless with a song in which every line seemed to be ‘‘where do you find love’’. 

She needn’t worry just yet.

Fletcher Oxford is one heck of a singer for a kid who speaks like a geek, and there’s Jessie Hillel.

How can a tiny diva aged 11 sing like Kiri?

To be able to belt out Ave Maria with such maturity seems freakishly odd; but the pictures didn’t lie.

Manawatu Standard