What you clicked on: Week in review

02:53, Nov 26 2012
CRASH SCENE: The wreckage of the 650cc motorbike

In case you missed our most popular stories, here is a list of what you clicked on last week:

1. End of an era as menswear store closes -

Sad news for Broadway Ave shoppers as Ralph Bare, who has run GQ clothing for 24 years, will shut up shop at the beginning of next year.

2. Missionary missing in Palmerston North -

A motorcycle crash in central Palmerston North

Big response from our readers after mormon missionary Alec Morgan Ragan, 20, disappeared from his Terrace End flat on November 19 sparking concerns.  He was found safe and well.

3. Man dies after pool table dare -

A  tragic case of a man drinking himself to death trying to win a pool table.

4. Activity at Tongariro -

The volcano ash plume created an eruption of activity in our newsroom and on our website.

5. Sick son used in web con -


A Feilding mother's heartbreaking story after finding a picture of her sick son was being passed off as someone else's child on Facebook to scam donations.

6. Student was petrified by instructor -

A tale of elbows flying in midair - not the best thing to happen while in control of a plane!

7. Parking rules relaxed -

Everyone's favourite saga has a resolution of sorts as council announces changes.

8. Man fined for peeping at girl in toilet -

The headline says it all really.

9. Motorcycle hits pole -

An $18,000 motorbike got a dusting up and the man riding it suffered minor injuries.

10. Not curtains yet for cinema -

The opportunity to rent Dannevirke's only theatre certainly is intriguing.

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