Judge helps repeat drink driver

17:47, Nov 26 2012

An insulation worker who admitted having a problem has had his honesty rewarded by a Manawatu judge.

Feilding man Aaron Joseph Blake, 42, was sentenced in the Feilding District Court yesterday on his second drink-driving offence.

Blake was stopped by police at 7.30pm on October 27 while driving along Stafford Rd in Feilding. A test revealed a breath-alcohol reading of 597 micrograms. The legal limit is 400mcg.

Judge Gerard Lynch referred to Blake’s previous conviction in 2010, which he said ‘‘was of a similar nature and level’’.

He asked Blake if he had issues with alcohol and if he had considered addressing his level of consumption, which Blake admitted was large.

Blake admitted his drinking would be considered at a high level and that he drank heavily at weekends.


‘‘Because you have been honest about how much you drink and you have said you have looked at curbing your intake, now is probably a good time to do so again,’’ said Judge Lynch.

He said he was going to tailor Blake’s sentence to help him address his alcohol issues with 40 hours community service rather than the 75 hours he was able to give him.

But he also sentenced him to nine months supervision and a drug and alcohol assessment.

Blake also had to surrender his blue 1991 Nissan and was disqualified from driving for eight months.

Manawatu Standard