Changes to Himatangi conditions

23:25, Nov 27 2012

Changes to the conditions of the Himatangi Beach sewerage scheme, including extending the deadline for signing up, have been passed unanimously by Manawatu District Council.

Councillors yesterday made changes to the scheme, including extending the deadline, introducing a targeted rates repayment option, altering when the unsubsidised contributions payment is due and offering discounts for properties sharing wastewater systems.

Infrastructure group manager Hamish Waugh said the changes were a bit of "housekeeping".

The deadline for when residents need to sign up before losing the chance to take advantage of a subsidy has been extended four days to January 4.

The cost of the scheme, $9775 per dwelling, remains due by June for those making lump-sum payments but, for those paying via rates, these are now considered "targeted rates" and can be trickled back in three, five, 10 or 20-year terms, with the first repayment to be made by August.

For those not signing up to the scheme, but who book in later, their unsubsidised contribution, $21,275, is payable before work on the system begins. This deadline had not previously been defined.


The final change concerns properties where several sewerage units share an on-site system, such as Himatangi Beach's Sandown Park development.

The development can now receive a discount, determined by council chief executive Lorraine Vincent, taking into account their pre-existing infrastructure.

Councillor John Salmon said he hoped the changes would provide clarity for Himatangi Beach residents.

"I'm really pleased to see this going through, because there has been a lot of speculation down there from various sectors at the beach regarding the costs they're expected to pay . . . I'm sure that this would take it [speculation] all away."

Cr Howard Voss had queried the deadline to sign up being during the holiday period, because he thought it might give Himatangi residents an excuse for being late.

Manawatu Standard