Duo caught driving drunk on same day

22:21, Nov 27 2012

A Feilding man's birthday ended badly after he, and his partner, were caught driving with more than double the legal breath alcohol limit on the same night earlier this month.

Corey Foot and Vanessa Anne Riggs were sentenced in Feilding District Court yesterday on charges of exceeding the breath alcohol limit.

Foot and Riggs both pleaded guilty, and represented themselves.

The pair originally stood in the dock side by side, with their toddler, but Judge Barbara Morris asked the couple to remove the child from the dock so they could be sentenced one at a time.

Prosecuting Sergeant Chris Whitmore said Riggs was stopped by police in a Mazda vehicle on Denby St, Feilding, on November 17.

Her breath alcohol reading was 833 micrograms per litre of breath, more than twice the legal limit of 400 micrograms per litre of breath.


Riggs told police she had drunk six vodka premixes.

The reason for her drinking was because it was her partner's birthday.

Riggs had her licence suspended for seven months, and a fine of $600, and $132 court costs.

Judge Morris said she took Riggs' previously clean record, and guilty plea into account.

''However it is a monumental leap into the criminal justice system,'' she said.

Foot was stopped by police later the same night, in the same vehicle, on Derby St in Feilding.

Foot blew 862 micrograms per litre of breath, again more than twice the legal limit.

Mr Whitmore said Foot admitted to drinking six beers.

When he was stopped by police he asked them to give him a break because it was his birthday.

During sentencing Foot said he was ''stupid''.

He was sentenced to supervision for nine months, and alcohol counselling.

As well as seven months disqualification from driving.

Foot appeared for the same charge in 2006.

Manawatu Standard