Local's precious Hobbit experience

01:54, Nov 29 2012

Palmerston North student Claire Folster seized a precious opportunity to attend the world premiere of The Hobbit in Wellington.

The 17-year-old fan travelled with her parents to Wellington yesterday afternoon, and spent about three hours next to the red carpet.

Claire and her family are Tolkien enthusiasts and they wanted to be part to the celebrations.

''It isn't something you get to do very often,'' she said.

The Palmerston North Girls' High School student saw all the stars, including Martin Freeman, Elijah Wood, the dwarfs, Peter Jackson, and his daughter Katie.

Claire dressed up in a Hobbit tshirt, but said she was amazed at the effort other fans put in.


''I couldn't believe how many people were dressed up as Hobbits, and things,'' she said.

Despite the numbers, she said people were well-behaved.

''Everyone was pretty nice where I was.

''They weren't too worried about being at the front.''

Claire and her family spent the rest of the evening at the Hobbit Artisan Market in Waitangi Park, and visiting the Gollum statue at Wellington Airport.

The Palmerston North teen said the trip to the middle of Middle Earth was well worth it, and she is looking forward to seeing the movie.

Manawatu Standard