Letter drop costly for group

A Manawatu community support organisation is disappointed about the results of a letter drop asking for help from the community this week, having not even raised enough to pay for the cost of sending them out.

Manawatu’s Abuse and Rape Crisis support manager Ann Kent sent 1000 letters to businesses and people in the community asking for support for the organisation, which gets just under half its funding from the Social Development Ministry – a total of $127,000 – and must raise another $130,000 itself.

It has $25,000 more to raise by the end of the financial year.

Following the letter drop, $400 was donated to the organisation, and one offer of help was given.

While the result was nowhere near what the organisation had hoped for, Ms Kent said she was still hoping businesses would donate more money as they processed their monthly bills.

They had already cut back counselling hours and couldn’t replace a staff member lost through attrition.

What was most disheartening was the idea people didn’t see it as an issue of concern or relevant to them.

‘‘That’s the worst for us, people not necessarily recognising it’s an important part of the community.’’

Manawatu Standard