Comedy show set to be 'utter shambles'

00:56, Dec 03 2012
COMEDY ACT: Guy Williams and Rose Matafeo are hoping their "utter shambles" of a comedy performance falls into place.

Guy Williams and Rose Matafeo are hoping their "utter shambles" of a comedy performance falls into place in time for their Palmerston North show.

As part of a nationwide tour 2012 Billy T Award winner Williams, 25, and his 20-year-old girlfriend Matafeo, will be performing at the Globe Theatre at 7pm tomorrow.

Williams said he has no idea what the show is going to be like but promises not to poke too much fun at Palmerston North.

The show's lack of organisation extends to the supporting act - the pair are still searching for a local comedian to emerge from the underground.

"If people want to see an utter shambles of a comedy act, this is the place to see it.

"And if someone wants to try their hand at a bit of stand-up tomorrow night yea, anyone will do really."


With community centres, tramping clubs and public toilets on the list of upcoming venues for the tour, Williams is excited to perform in a theatre.

"It's pretty much the most expensive and the flashest venue we have had across the whole country.

"I've heard it's shaped like a spaceship.

"So yea, come for the venue and you'll get some comedy too."

Williams has been to Palmerston North before to play basketball and will show Matafeo the sights of the city.

But they will be leaving in a hurry if there is no wind to power the turbos.

"It's Rose's first time in the city, so she's going to experience the wonder of Palmy first-hand.

"My original plan was to come to Palmy and stay two nights but everyone has been saying to stay in Napier.

"I've even heard the rumour that the turbos up on the hill aren't turbos at all, but fans preventing the whole town from catching fire."

Entry to the show is "koha" - pay what you want - which Williams, currently unemployed, admits is a bit of a risk.

"To be honest if that doesn't sell it to people I don't know what will.

"I mean there's the chance that if you don't like the show you could have it for free."

With the tour three shows in, the risk has been paying off so far.

"We have had plenty of interesting koha at the shows we've done.

"In Napier we had people bake us a cake."

For more information or if you want to nominate yourself for the stand-up spot email

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