'Dangerous' dog attacks woman

20:54, Dec 03 2012

After escaping destruction for a previous indiscretion, Keshar the bull mastiff was on a short leash.

In 2011 it was declared a dangerous dog that must be kept in a fenced area, muzzled in public, and neutered.

But, on August 9 this year, the dog was roaming free.

Keshar’s owner, Koreylee Kahaki, thought it was locked in the shed of the Woodville house to which she had recently moved.

‘‘[Pamela] Cresswell and a friend were delivering pamphlets on Grey St,’’ Judge Gerard Lynch told Palmerston North District Court.

‘‘The dog ran out of the open garage and began to run up and down the fence line.


‘‘Keshar jumped over the low fence and bit [Ms Cresswell] on the back of the left thigh.’’

Ms Cresswell, who was on holiday from Australia, had to be treated at hospital, receiving stitches and a tetanus shot.

Her departure home was delayed because of the risk of a blood clot.

Because of the attack, Kahaki was charged with owning a dog that attacked a person and failing to ensure the dog was kept in a securely fenced area of her property.

She pleaded guilty to the charges yesterday and told the court she had already had Keshar put down.

‘‘I’ll be honest. I was drinking that day. I got a bit tiddly,’’ she said.

She thought Keshar was locked in the shed, but said the dog must have somehow activated the button that opened the garage door.

‘‘I don’t leave [any] door open. I know what my dog’s like.’’

Later, when an animal control officer turned up, Kahaki was abusive and police were called.

She said she moved to Woodville in a hurry and had struggled to find a home suitable for a dog.

Keshar was declared dangerous after Kahaki’s former partner was prosecuted for the 2011 ‘‘biting incident’’. Kahaki had contemplated having Keshar put down then, but could not go through with it.

Judge Lynch, who said he was surprised no destruction order was made during the previous prosecution, fined Kahaki $500 and ordered her to pay associated costs of about $1250.

‘‘The message needs to be sheeted home to those that elect to have these types of dogs: they must take all appropriate steps to ameliorate the risk to others.’’

Manawatu Standard