$15,000 worth of supplies stolen

About $15,000 of tools and building supplies have been taken from a worksite on a Marton school property.

The site at Makirikiri School, where a new library, breakout space and kitchen are being built, was burgled during the weekend, Constable Richard Gower, of Marton,  said. 

A padlocked shed at the site in Makirikiri Rd was broken into and many tools removed, including drills, saws, nail guns and a laser level, as well as a heatpump and radio.

School principal Ben Ward-Smith said the construction project was about two-thirds finished, and was hoped to be ready in time for the new school year in February.

The burglary was a nuisance and time consuming because  it meant the school had to also check classrooms to ensure nothing had been taken from them.

The school’s caretaker and cleaner live next to the school, but did not see anything, he said.

The thieves would have had to park in a layby outside the school and carry the items out because there were locked gates across the entrance.

Marton police are asking for sightings of any vehicle at or near the school, particularly bigger vehicles such as a van or ute with a trailer.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Constable Korran Death, of Marton, on 06 327 6555.

Manawatu Standard