Concern dogs could attack again

04:21, Dec 04 2012
Kevin Eades
WORRIED: Woodville man Kevin Eades is worried the recent killing of his stock could lead to more violent attacks and he is calling for Tararua District Council to take action. One of the dogs responsible is inset.

Dogs that killed sheep in Woodville have been released back home because they belong to "responsible owners", according to Tararua District Council.

Woodville lifestyle block owner Kevin Eades is shocked by the council's lack of action and says the dogs could kill again.

He found six sheep slaughtered and one still alive in a "stirred-up state" after placing them in a yard on Sunday, November 24.

The offending dogs, believed to be a staffordshire-cross and german shepherd, were trapped in the enclosure after the tunnel they had dug under a corrugated iron fence separating the properties was blocked by a sheep's carcass.

Mr Eades wanted to enter the enclosure to help the suffering sheep but was afraid of being attacked, he said.

"I opened the gate to go in and the dogs just started to growl at me, so I backed out pretty quickly because they were coming towards me."


He contacted the council but was told no animal control staff were working, so a contracted security guard was sent around to deal with the matter.

After the dogs were taken away, Mr Eades thought they had been destroyed, but he was disappointed to see them returned to the neighbouring property on Thursday.

"The dogs could do it again, they've got the taste of blood now and will probably go back for more."

The council's manager of environmental services Mike Brown said this was the first time these dogs had appeared on the council's records and they had now been earmarked as "dangerous dogs".

But, because they have "responsible owners", they were released home after a short impounding period.

"We have to judge each event on its merits."

When the Manawatu Standard visited the property yesterday, the hole had been filled in, the staffordshire-cross was in a run about 30 metres away from the yard and an adjoining run was empty.

The dogs' owners gave Mr Eades an apology letter on Friday and have offered him $100 per sheep in compensation, which he declined.

They could not be reached for comment.

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