Bins set to make recycling easier

Watch out, Feilding residents - recycling bins are coming your way.

Every house, school and business in the Manawatu town has been given a black and yellow wheelie bin and a crate, just in time for the Manawatu District Council's new urban recycling collection service to start this week.

North St resident Eric Brew, who received his wheelie bin last week, said it was great to see recycling services growing in town.

"It just puts an emphasis on it and brings it into focus again, and it's much better than having bags of milk bottles rolling down the street or paper blowing around in our famous Manawatu winds.

"It'll be a bit of a novelty to start with, but I really hope it latches on more."

This is the first time the council has distributed bins and crates to help residents recycle. Previously, sorted recyclables were placed in plastic bags and collected from the kerb in Feilding's neighbourhoods.

Mr Brew, who has been recycling for "a good 10 years", used to sort rubbish and deliver the recyclables to Feilding's recycling centre.

He said he was looking forward to putting his bottles, cans and cardboard in his bin and simply rolling it out his front gate.

"It's a convenience and it's good that the council has come forward and stepped up to the mark and taken the initiative."

Recycling had the potential to expand throughout Manawatu, Mr Brew said.

"I would like to see the industry developed and see jobs created out of it, because it is an area worth exploring and we're really only on the brink of it."

Manawatu District Council infrastructure group manager Hamish Waugh said the region needed to be smarter at managing rubbish, and the recycling bins would help.

The new system meant residents could recycle a lot more in a "simple, easy and convenient way".

Hundreds of households in Palmerston North's extended rural fringe could also have recycling wheelie bins by the middle of next year.

The Palmerston North City Council is planning to survey about 750 households that joined the city as part of this year's boundary change with Manawatu District, including Longburn and Bunnythorpe, to gauge support for the move.

Feilding's usual blue rubbish bag collection days have changed to the same day as recycling collection.

The side of residents' recycle bins will be marked with their addresses and either a one or a two.

If it is a one, recycling will start this week. For those marked with two it will begin next week.

The Manawatu Standard