Ewen Macdonald to face parole board today

18:30, Dec 10 2012

Ewen Macdonald will get the chance to plead his case for a pre-Christmas release from prison when he faces the parole board today.

Macdonald, 32, has served a third of his five-year sentence for arson, vandalism and killing animals.

The Manawatu Standard has been granted permission to attend and report on the parole board hearing which begins at 10.30am.

Macdonald has been at Manawatu Prison since April last year when he was arrested for the murder of brother-in-law Scott Guy, a charge from which he was cleared in a High Court jury trial in Wellington.

Macdonald did, however, admit to six charges arising from night-time ''missions'' he would undertake with friend Callum Boe.

One of those was the theft of two trophy stags from the Colyton farm of Craig Hocken overnight on December 30, 2006.

Macdonald also admitted emptying milk from a vat and burning down a whare on a Himatangi farm, killing 19 calves on a Foxton farm, burning down an old house ready to be removed from Scott and Kylee Guy's section of the family property, and damaging their new house.


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