Bakery hit a second time

A police photo of the man who robbed a Feilding bakery
A police photo of the man who robbed a Feilding bakery

Feilding’s Rosebowl Bakery and Cafe has been hit by a thief for the second time in two weeks.

The bakery was burgled at 1:30pm today by the same man who burgled the shop on December 3.

That time, the thief entered through the back of the bakery, situated adjacent to the cafe, by stepping over the door sensor so it did not chime.

Feilding Sergeant Grant Lawton said it was the bakery’s practice to leave that side of the business unattended unless the door chime rang.

They were also accustomed to leaving the key in the till drawer.

The thief made off with about $100 from the till during the first hit, and took the same amount this time.

Mr Lawton said the bakery had since changed its practices, but in a moment of inattention, a staff member had left the key in the till.

That’s when the thief struck.

Police were in the process of reviewing CCTV footage, but believe the culprit may have been accompanied by another person this time.

Police are asking witnesses to contact them if they have any information about the incident on 06 323 636.

Manawatu Standard