Judge: 'Don't go near women'

22:12, Dec 12 2012

A Palmerston North man convicted of a rare sexual exploitation charge will keep his temporary name suppression a little longer.

The man was originally headed for trial on a rape charge but instead pleaded guilty to a count of sexual exploitation of a person with a significant impairment.

That carries a maximum 10-year penalty but the man was sentenced to six months' community detention, 100 hours' community work and 18 months' supervision to recognise his own impairment.

At his sentencing last month Judge Barbara Morris issued a temporary name suppression order.

This was discussed in the Palmerston North District Court yesterday and the judge decided to extend the order until April to allow the man to undergo counselling.

But, she said, there were no guarantees the suppression would become permanent.

The man befriended the female victim in March last year, and asked her back to his flat where the pair were intimate.

The man thought the pair were equals intellectually, but it turned out the woman had more severe difficulties.

The Crown says the victim wants the man's name made public, but defence lawyer Fergus Steedman argued for permanent suppression.

The incident was a one-off and his client was now ''off the market'' as far as women were concerned, he said.

Before the man left court, Judge Morris warned him: ''Don't go near any women - one-off dates or anything.''

The man promised he was single and said he would stay home with his Nintendo Wii.


Manawatu Standard