Massey backs liquor exemption

23:00, Dec 13 2012

Massey University is the only submitter so far to comment on a proposed change to the Palmerston North City Council's Liquor Control Bylaw so that free drinks can be served at graduation events in The Square.

A recent interpretation of the bylaw assessed two events, one in May and one in November, as possibly breaching the liquor ban rules in providing alcohol for free to invited guests. Events where alcohol was sold were legal, covered by special liquor licences.

The change involves adding a schedule of exemptions to the bylaw to cover the two events.

Massey's November graduation celebrations this year skipped the free drinks, and a combined event to sign a relationship deal with the council was moved into the council building to avoid the risk of a bylaw breach.

The submission made by Manawatu campus registrar Sandi Shillington and commercial operations general manager Denis Jenkins supports the change as "the council's preferred method to correct an anomaly".

The submission says Massey supports legislation that enhances responsible use of alcohol. It also says the events celebrate significant achievements in students' lives, which adds to the vibrancy of the city and helps fulfil the purposes of The Square redevelopment.

Submissions on the change close at 4pm on Thursday and will be heard by councillors on February 13.


Manawatu Standard